Choose to pay with Express Checkout, Klarna or payment card!

We use the payment system Shopify!

You can choose between shopping with an Express Checkout (Snabbkassa), Klarna or payment card (Eurocard, Visa etc.).

For those of you who do not want to use an Express Checkout (Snabbkassa), it can be perceived as somewhat unclear where you use Klarna or payment cards.

But it's actually very simple!

Directly under the Express Checkout (Snabbkassa), it says OR (ELLER) and under that you fill in your contact details to get to the cash register for Klarna or payment card.

Then click on the recurring blue box to proceed to the checkout for Klarna or payment card.

You can see that you have come to the right place when Klarna's various payment options and the payment card brands are visible.

Fill in the information in the usual order and follow the instructions for purchase.

We thank you for your patience.

Get in touch if you have more questions!


Best regards

Bruce and Marcus