BriXski for all!

Easy and right with BriXski!

BriXski is a flexible solution for those who want to ski a lot and avoid hassle with boots.

OFFER! Buy 2 and get the 3rd free!

We want more people to enjoy BriXski. If you buy two BriXski Pros, we always send a third BriXski Pro with the purchase!

Note that you should only have two BriXskis in the shopping cart, we add the third one manually when we pack your order.
Why BriXski!?
  • BriXski gives you the power and grip to fasten the boot correctly and easily.
  • BriXski is light and extremely durable.
  • BriXski is in your pocket, on the top of your glove or attached to a lift pass holder.
  • BriXski prevents frozen hands, pinch injuries, broken gloves and irritation.
  • BriXski increases your comfort, your ability and your safety.
  • BriXski makes it easy to unbuckle and buckle up your boots and rest your feet in the lift up between your runs.
  • BriXski is of great joy and benefit to you with functional variations that affect mobility, strength, etc.
  • BriXski increases the freedom and independence of you, your children and your family.


BriXski is available in two different versions. What differentiates the products is that BriXski PRO is a larger variant and fits 95% of the market's boots. BriXski Light is especially suitable for boots with small, narrow buckles, e.g. small boots for children

BriXski for all

BriXski is one of the products we introduce to all skiers; children, youth, boys, girls, men and women, young, middle-aged and seasoned! Whether you are an ultimate competent skier who tests everything in every mountain, plume and line or if you like to glide around calmly and quietly in the April sun maybe on way from the carving glass to the champagne glass and you will benefit and enjoy BriXski.
All skiers on their way to, in or on their way from the piste can appreciate BriXski. Ski and boot renters, ski instructors and skiers with various disabilities obviously benefit greatly from the tool.
No more tangling with stubborn boot bindings. No ruined gloves, no broken nails and no lost temper! Just a few simple snaps with BriXski and you're ready for today's line choice in the powder.
    Swedish quality and durability

    BriXski is Swedish quality and durability, designed by skiers and manufactured in the heart of Småland. BriXski is extremely resistant to both pressure and cold. It takes a hammer, skewer or vise to destroy the BriXski.


    You can use the BriXski both for skiing and après-ski.